Tips by Ateeya Manzoor for A Customer Relationship Management Strategy
17.03.2017 13:01

According to industry analysts and trend watchers some year ago from Forrester, the total annual spends on customer relationship management (CRM) strategies in 2010 has been almost $11 billion across the globe! That's not a measly sum by any standards and is thumping proof of the rate at which industries are warming up to this concept. Naturally, there is distinct demand for CRM strategies, which truly work. And, where there is demand, there are suppliers too. There are so many of them that selecting the most suitable CRM consultant for your business house could turn out to be the most confusing of tasks. However, some relevant tips can surely help. Once you understand the basic guidelines of customer relationship management strategies that you would like to implement, you will be much better placed to select a suitable provider. 


Customer Relationship Management: Tips

A flawed customer relationship management strategy can have a potentially damaging effect on your business prospects. The following tips by Ateeya Manzoor could help in setting the direction right for implementing one.

1) Let technology take a back seat at the outset. Most of us are inclined to believe that CRM strategies are all about fancy technologies. However, business processes need to be tackled first. Ideally, it should be a combination of strategies, skills and processes, supported by technologies. 

2) Communicate your requirements well to your prospective vendor. Most often, dissatisfactory results stem from lack of communication. The business issues that are relevant to formulating a strategy must therefore be explained in great detail.

3) Always keep the prime focus on your customers. The purpose of formulating a customer relationship management strategy is to reach out to your customers and manage a steady equation with them. It is essential that you never deviate from the main agenda. 

4) Take sequential steps towards your main CRM objectives. A logical progression always helps in achieving the ultimate goal. Take up one area at a time. The result will definitely be satisfactory and getting there would seem smoother than you probably expected. 

5) Strategize CRM at the enterprise level. There should be good coordination between the top management and the junior level teams involved in the implementation process. After all, most of the strategies will be implemented through the entire organization, across departments. Therefore, holistic involvement is mandatory for success.


Ateeya Manzoor is a management strategist and partner at Mayfair.
Ateeya Manzoor has spoken at industry events, including the annual PLUS Conference with keynote speakers Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and has spoken at the Ted Roger’s School of Management for Freelance Camp.


To know more about Ms. Ateeya, please visit here: https://ateeyamanzoor.wordpress.com/about/


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