Ateeya Manzoor as a Business Management Consultant
24.08.2015 10:58

Corporate Management and Administration includes the planning, organizing, directing and evaluating of commercial functions essential to efficient and productive trade operations.


Conventionally, this class of management was seen as being made up of several distinct categories: Operations Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Strategic Management and finally the various Marketing strategies. Nowadays there has been a move towards classifying these functions more in terms of 'task oriented' processes.


A newly formed business faces the most challenges. Or it may also be stated that the business faces equal challenges that its rivals face, but since it is a new setup, most of the money is already gone in setting up the business and it also lacks manpower. Due to this, the business owner gets pressurized and starts making hasty decisions which results in loss, or very slow growth that which cannot be termed as profit. Ateeya Manzoor says that the main issue troubling the business owner at this stage is his lack of experience and lack of brawny brains. This issue often leads a business to go downhill and the pressure mounts on the owner.

There are no restrictions to what business a person can do. But there are some limitations to it because one man cannot be good at everything. A person may be a good business owner of a bakery but he can fail in the textile industry. This is due to lack of education, experience of the industry and industry knowledge. Having all three in one places can take the business to the greatest heights within a very short time but unfortunately, we rarely see that case. A person can have one or two of these requirements, but since experience comes when you have invested a lot of time in the industry, a young entrepreneur always lacks it.


According to Ateeya Manzoor a professional management strategist, Organizational Management is the process that accomplishes the long-term goals of a company. In contrast, Business Administration deals with the procedures that are required for the actual practice of Management which include the planning process, marketing, sales etc. So we can say that Business Management deals with the overall processes of an organization, whereas the Administration side deals with the actual functioning of these methods that are required to fulfil the strategic goals of the organization.


So combined, Management and Business Administration, is a multi-faceted endeavour that looks to afford excellent value to the company’s clients and to generate a good return on investment to the financial backers. Not only is it an effort to make as much profit as possible, but also trying to work towards the long-term company vision. To achieve this mission requires deep investigation and analysis of the current situation before arriving at a resolution that can be delivered using a practical approach. Business related management has an entirely practical and no-nonsense method which is built on the foundations of the companies values. It's also crucial to have a good insight into the ever evolving financial and economic situation.

Whatever the size, every company relies on outside resources to some extent. By using established consulting services by professionals like Ateeya Manzoor you are benefiting from their extensive experience in using state of the art solutions in established Business Management processes. Ateeya Manzoor as consultant will provide you with great value in the kind of help you need in any department: planning, operations, sales and marketing services, re-organization and logistics. The success of work of Ateeya Manzoor can be specifically measured by charting sales volume, marketing exposure or productivity. Your management consultant will emphasize proven solutions that will generate the exact results to improve your bottom line performance.


To solve your management problems and help you find a consultant, you should use an established resource to streamline your procurement process. Have the services of Ateeya Manzoor highly skilled consultant where clients can connect with. Ateeya Manzoor as a personal accounts managers will work with you to clarify consulting project requirements and ensure that consulting firms with the best expertise are considered, providing the best possible chance for success. Ateeya Manzoor management employ the latest 21st Century models in strategic marketing, financial packaging, and other performance solutions to maximize your Return on Investment.


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